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Ion Power Inc was founded in 1999 by Stephen Grot Ph.D to promote the use of Nafion™. Ion Power has developed a patented technology for the manufacture of membrane electrode assemblies for use in hydrogen or reformate fuel cells. Utilizing our combined industrial experience of many years in working with Nafion™ our process delivers ultra thin (less than only few microns) low resistance, durable and consistently high performing MEAs for PEM fuel cell applications. In addition to our unique fuel cell MEA process, we offer high performance catalyzed membranes for use in water electrolyzers. Ion Power is a worldwide distributor of Chemours Nafion™ PFSA materials in pellet, finished membrane, or dispersion forms. We inventory these products for quick shipment, and offer the widest range of Nafion™ products. We have many different types of membranes available from stock in custom sizes. For more specific information on what is available from Ion Power please click on our products section or go to our company store for all your one-stop Nafion™ product requirements. We are actively engaged in private and government sponsored research and development activities which are aimed at improving the performance of fuel cell components. Additionally, we are conducting research on a variety of non fuel cell related applications that use Nafion™ PFSA materials for the industrial and military markets. Please contact us for information on these activities and how Ion Power can assist you in developing your applications. Nafion™ is a registered Trademark of The Chemours Company and is used under license by Ion Power, Inc.


Ion Power Manufactured Products


These alcohol based solutions contain dissolved Nafion™ resins and are one of the most finely dispersed solutions available. This allows for superior mixing of the Nafion™ polymer with your application.

Catalyst Coated Membranes

Ion Power manufactures Nafion™ membranes with catalyst coatings for fuel cells or water electrolysis. We will work with small research lots or large, cost effective commercial volumes.

Ion Power's newest products

LITHion® dispersions, VANADion® Membranes, and Nafion™ powder.

Custom Nafion™ Products

  • Our expert, PhD-level technical staff are here to help with your application.
  • Custom catalyst coatings.
  • Versatile pilot scale manufacturing equipment.
  • Non-disclosure agreements are routine, your intellectual property will be protected.